My Work

Outside of my work as a counselor, I enjoy engaging in creative projects and making time to connect with my community through offering educational classes and workshops that center around youth empowerment, sex education, consent, relationships skills, and racial justice. Below I have a list of the projects I am currently working on. 


Clitaurus Chronicles- Book Series

Clitty is a self-reliant clitaurus with a dream— to one day become a world-renowned author and finally give her fellow clits the recognition they deserve. There is just one thing standing in her way… her climax.

"Clitaurus Chronicles takes readers on a journey of friendship, anticipation, and self-discovery. Author Breona Mendoza and illustrator Danny Tayara use metaphor, color, and some top-notch puns to discuss pleasure, consent, and self-love."

To find out more, follow us on instagram at @clitauruschronicles

Clitaurus Chronicles is a sex education book like no other! It uses a playful approach to talk about sex and bodies, making it all a lot more easy and fun! The mission of this queer created project is to bring more ease and awareness to sexual pleasure, communication, self love, and sex education.

Coming soon in December 2021!


Clitaurus Chonicles Instagram

@Clitauruschronicles is an extention of the book where we post sex education related topics and artwork. This instagram is co-created by myself and Danny Tayara to help people continue to have access to fun and informative information about their bodies, sexuality, and sex education. 


Femme Symbol

We all need a way to represent the important parts of ourselves. Here is a little symbol to help the femmes of the world find a little more community and solidarity! 


Coming soon...

This project is still in the works! Stay tuned!