Workshops, Trainings, and Seminars

The following workshops can be adjusted to meet the needs of the populations they are serving. Please send me an email letting me know the needs of your group or organization and we can work together to adjust the trainings accordingly. 
Coping with Stress: Tips, Tricks, and Tools for Stress Reduction
For Young People 


Young people have so many things happening in their lives. This often makes it hard for them to actually take care of their basic needs. The areas that end up suffering the most are their physical, mental and emotional health. This training is an interactive training where young people can learn how to identify what stress feels like in their bodies and gain skills to address stress before it starts to leads to more difficult issues. 



Free for young people

$25 for adults

For Agencies and Providers


Adults have a lot of power in young people's lives. Suicide is sometimes the only option youth can see to ending their pain. It may be the only thing they have control of. By reporting this to their parents or sending them to hospitals are we really helping them? As advocates for youth it is up to us to ask these questions. We need to support youth who are thinking of ending their lives in a way that is respectful of their experience and also helps them develop tools to stay safe. We are living in a broken mental health system. We can not keep passing these young people along to the next provider and reinforcing their powerlessness. This training covers ways of safety planning with youth that engages them in the process and helps them to feel a sense of control in their lives. 



Free for youth
$25 for adults/service providers

$200 for agencies

For Schools and Providers


This training provides a framework for understanding lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer (LGBTQ) youth and what it means to be an adult ally.  Participants will learn about appropriate terminology used in the LGBTQ community and discuss the unique challenges faced by LGBTQ youth. Lastly, the participants will get the chance to apply their learning by going over scenarios and potential challenges they anticipate coming up in their program.



  • Understand larger systemic and societal influences and personal biases

  • Gain awareness of various terms and identities in the LGBTQ community

  • Build empathy and understanding of the challenges faced by LGBTQ youth

  • Identify ways that adults can be ally’s to queer youth

  • Create specific action steps to make your program a  more inclusive and safer environment


$50-100 for Agencies

$100 for Seattle Schools